Largo Film Awards is a monthly international event. We accept short films, documentaries, animations, and web series of any genre. Each month our jury members, who are formed by the industry specialists, watch, review, and rate for the submitted films. We announce the official selection of the month at the start of following month on our website. Next, with a second cycle of reviews, the winners of the months are announced at each category.

We do not organize screenings for the monthly events. But every year, we publish a volume of Largo Journal in which the winners from monthly selections are introduced in detail. Largo Journal is distributed to a large film network. The goal of Largo Journal is to introduce new filmmakers to the film industry. We also determine the best film of the year in the Largo Journal. The best film of the year is determined by the members of Largo Academy, which is formed by young and successful filmmakers.

We also organize occasional screenings in different cities. In these screenings, a selection of monthly winners are exhibited to the public. The details about our screenings will be announced soon.