Utterly ridiculous. That isn’t a negative, as it is in its ridiculousness that the film’s success lies. Not unlike something as quirky as The Mighty Boosh, this short celebrates its weirdness and utilises it to make something original and entertaining.

It plays out like a skit, a short sketch from a variety style show which is fairly obviously aimed at a younger, student type audience and it embraces that audience well. The two young male leads use physical comedy and childish silliness as their comedy stylings which work well in the context of the show.

This film knows what it is and makes no apologies for that. It’s stupid, and it loves it and that is what make sure it endearing to watch. It knows its basis is in fart humour and that’s fine, because it never tries to be anything else.

Both male leads to all out and that helps the audience let down barriers and embrace the silly. The two supporting actors offer a great juxtaposition with their deadpan expressions and cold line delivery.

The film is well directed and though seemingly simple, the editing and cinematography work well. Whilst this film may not be for everyone, a target audience will love it and whether it’s for you or not, there is no denying that the film is well made.