A Crystal Carol

There is only one word to describe this festive film and it is stunning. Right from the opening the retro animation brings to mind the Raymond Briggs adaptations which immediately transports viewers to that festive nostalgia that works so well in this film.

What makes this so original is not only its fresh take on a classic story, but the mix of animation and live action. They juxtapose each other and compliment each other perfectly, especially as the live action has the same voice over as the animation. This ties it all in together and means the live action doesn’t jar with the animation.

There is a distinctly ominous and sometimes quite disturbing atmosphere to the film which aids in that nightmare/subconscious feel to the film, and is almost a homage to the original text.

The script is well written without overuse of exposition in unnecessary dialogue. The acting, both live action and voice over is well executed and well directed and the overall production quality is of a high standard. Sets and locations are used well and costume and make up are outstanding. It all comes together to provide a wonderfully somber piece of film that is affecting and intriguing.

The film is well made from a team who obviously understood each other and the overall piece they wanted to create. Well put together and well executed, the film is a testament to the skill of all involved.