Abra Cadaver

Often filmmakers work hard to follow a pattern or a structure in their films. This is usually a wise idea but it’s gratifying to see films that step away from that. This is what we have here.

What is most endearing about this film is that it is just itself. It doesn’t try and be anything but what it is. It embrace some it’s kooky humour and unconventional camera movements and that’s what makes it so enjoyable to watch. It almost enjoys itself, so we enjoy it too.

The performances are strong for the most part, with the peculiar line delivery adding to the overall feel of the film. The narrative is nothing new but the way in which it is presented is what’s makes it so original.

The use of close ups as the camera pans, the costumes and the use of the space all comes together to create this odd entity that you just can’t stop watching.