April 2017

Best Film
Graveyard Stories, by Nava Hemyari, AUSTRIA
Night Shift, by Marshall Tyler, UNITED STATES
Interrogation, by YueCheng Liu, UNITED STATES

Best Director
Honeymoon, by Anaëlle Morf, SWITZERLAND
The Angry Men, by Americo Melchionda, ITALY
Undercooling, by Olga Kosanovic, AUSTRIA

Best Screenplay 
Tomorrow, by Rosanna Reccia, ITALY
Yesterday’s Rain, by Armand Simon, ARUBA
Stray, by Jingyuan Wang, UNITED STATES

Best Cinematography 
Love, by Mersiha Husagic, GERMANY
I Will Crush You & Go To Hell, by Fabio Soares, FRANCE
Spark, by Daniel Merlin Miller, UNITED STATES

Best Sound / Music
Mirror, by Sara Eustáquio, PORTUGAL
Time Flies When I am Having Fun, by Johan Tappert, SWEDEN
Vandella Day, by John McCourt, UNITED KINGDOM

Best Documentary
The Final, by Pavol Korec, SLOVAKIA
Rejetes, by Antonio Guadalupi, ITALY
Quite Different Life,  by Siarhei Isakov, BELARUS

Best Animation
Chill and Shivering, by Kwok Wai Chung Philip, HONG KONG
Lumen, by Angeli Orgeira, FRANCE
The Dream Garden, by Trevor Hewitt, UNITED STATES

Best Experimental
Escape, by Francis So Kachun, HONG KONG
The Show Goes On, by Marlee MacLeod, UNITED STATES
Transmission, by Ulia Souchtchinskaia, UNITED KINGDOM

Best Web Series
Consequences: Yahoo Boys/Con Men, by Tony Tambi, UNITED STATES
Theater People, by Matthew G. Anderson, UNITED STATES
Relativity, by Chris Cherry, UNITED STATES