August 2016

Best Film
Two Faces, by Natasha Iyer, INDIA
Inconvenient Comfort, by Adam Fillenz, NETHERLANDS
The Weekend, by Dennis Cahlo, UNITED STATES
Indigo, by Paul Jerndal, SWEEDEN
Funkenflug – Chronicles of a Catastrophe, by Stephanie Kiewel, UNITED KINGDOM

Best Director
Pumpkin, by Paula Neves, UNITED STATES
Lutfi, by Cahit Kaya Demir, TURKEY
Free Monkeys, by Cengiz Akaygun, GERMANY
The Information, by Robert Shannon, UNITED KINGDOM
He and She, by Marco Gadge, GERMANY

Best Screenplay
We don’t Bury Animals, by Thibaut Charlut, FRANCE
Noise, by JuneKyu Park, UNITED STATES
It Always Trembles, by Sabrina Almandoz, MEXICO
For Lucy, by Pablo Martinez, MEXICO
Carvina, by Luca Marcionelli, SWITZERLAND

Best Editing / Photography
The Diary of Theodore Kracklite, by Jacques Lœuille, FRANCE
Last Wall, by Haider Aljezairi, NETHERLANDS
Between Worlds, by Robin de Ridder, NETHERLANDS
Becomes Sore, by Keishi Suenaga, JAPAN
Bad Habits, by Emilios Avraam, CYPRUS

Best Sound / Music
Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir, by David E. Munz-Maire, UNITED STATES
Ambergris, by Sam Collins, AUSTRALIA
The Red Laces, by Simone Valentini, ITALY
Digital Wonderland, by Anniki Lee, GERMANY
Helena, by Eric Rippetoe, UNITED STATES

Best Documentary
Parrhesia, by Mart Raukas, ESTONIA
The Green Standard, by William Rosenfeld & Jacob Strunk, UNITED STATES
The Landscape Within, by Andrea Capranico, PHILIPPINES
Mary Boyle: The Untold Story, by Gemma O’Doherty, IRELAND
Sick in Africa, by Tim Cowley, UNITED STATES

Best Animation
Mandrake,  by Ayberk KabaTURKEY
Inside Job, Qi Deng, UNITED STATES
Arkhe, by Batuhan Koksal, TURKEY
Flame, by Olivia Minhyul Bae, SOUTH KOREA
Red Thread, by I Hsuan Lee, UNITED KINGDOM

Best Experimental
Priorities, by Angela Semionas, GERMANY
Sometimes, by Kate Sterlin, UNITED STATES
Imaginary Novels Volume 1, by Nancy Gifford, UNITED STATES
Asperger’s Syndrome, by Nicholas Bayfield, UNITED KINGDOM
A Visual Journey through Iran, by Ebrahim Mirmalek, UNITED STATES

Honorary Mentions
Caposhi Pop, by Matheus Ronn Leite, BRASIL
93 Notout, by Arudra Saravanakumar, INDIA
Senses, by Natalie MacMahon, GERMANY
Methods, by Adam Pivirotto, UNITED STATES
Green Shoes, by Manousos Kakouris, GREECE