August 2017

Best Film
Waiting Room, by Charles J. Ouda, UNITED STATES
Theo and Anne, by Angelo Huige, NETHERLANDS
The Garden of Loved Ones, by Janette López, MEXICO

Best Director
The Sparkle, by Lana Lekarinou, UNITED STATES
AXioMA, by Elisa Possenti, ITALY
116, by Julia Campanelli, UNITED STATES

Best Screenplay 
Fragile, by John Corcoran, IRELAND
Lions of the Sea, by Jessi Thind, CANADA
When Voices Unite, by Lewis Coates, UNITED KINGDOM

Best Cinematography 
This is My Son, by John Corcoran, IRELAND
The Film Festival, by Jan Chramosta, CZECH REPUBLIC
A Better World, by Christy Wang & Rachel Zhou, UNITED STATES

Best Sound / Music
Dark Waves – Bellerofonte [Soundtrack], by Alexander Cimini, ITALY
What is Real, by Duane Michals, UNITED STATES
New Year’s Eve, by Dudu Hou, CHINA

Best Documentary
Eight, by Marko Vuorinen, FINLAND
South Dakota Warrior, by John Mollison, UNITED STATES
L’estoc,  by Katariina Jumppanen, SPAIN

Best Animation
Sunny and Gerd in Spring Cleaning, by DaCosta Bayley, CANADA
Kite, by João Pombeiro, PORTUGAL
The Last Journey, by Cato ML Ekrene, GERMANY

Best Experimental
In Through the Night, by Josiah Cuneo, UNITED KINGDOM