Fruit Punch

In a world where nothing is certain and we live in a time where anything can and does happen, sometimes it’s nice to just laugh and poke fun. This is what Fruit Punch allows us to do.

The film looks at the difference a financial situation can create between people. Their attitudes and morals can completely change. Whilst it does use humour to convey its narrative there is a genuine message within it.

The film is kept simple and hinges on the performances which are sound. The relationship between the two brothers is nuanced and flawed which helps create characters that are both funny but also relatable.

The humour is just enough that it works. It isn’t show horned in and it doesn’t feel forced which is often the case. The simple design allows the audience to truly appreciate the writing and performances.

A funny piece that is also thought provoking.


Concept pieces like this can often be quite hard to swallow. Sometimes there is little for an audience to hold on to and keep them interested throughout. Here we have a piece that is created in a way that it is palatable for an audience.

The visuals are stunning but don’t ever become over indulgent or distracting to the point it turns the viewer away. The vibrant colours work well to help promote the message within the film.

Quite often films of this ilk have a running time that means they can’t sustain the audiences investment but this film seems to get it just right. There is enough changes and varying motifs that it is kept fresh for the audience.

Music is utilised well to support the visual and the style of music used matches what happens on the screen meaning it all comes together to create something beautiful rather than something at odds with itself.

An interesting piece that is well structured and well presented.

Abra Cadaver

Often filmmakers work hard to follow a pattern or a structure in their films. This is usually a wise idea but it’s gratifying to see films that step away from that. This is what we have here.

What is most endearing about this film is that it is just itself. It doesn’t try and be anything but what it is. It embrace some it’s kooky humour and unconventional camera movements and that’s what makes it so enjoyable to watch. It almost enjoys itself, so we enjoy it too.

The performances are strong for the most part, with the peculiar line delivery adding to the overall feel of the film. The narrative is nothing new but the way in which it is presented is what’s makes it so original.

The use of close ups as the camera pans, the costumes and the use of the space all comes together to create this odd entity that you just can’t stop watching.

You or Me

Mental health is a very popular topic in all aspects of media right now, and there are a myriad of films that explore it.

You or Me is interesting as it doesn’t shy away from the messy side of mental health. The mania, the pain, the self abuse. It selves into it all and that’s what makes it honest and relatable.

The simple setting helps focus on dialogue and performance which is what really drives this film. The lead actor provides stark differences in his performances of each character but also cleverly keeps certain traits so we understand that this is the same person.

The manic flashes work well to break up the film and provides another layer to the piece.

An interesting and intelligent film that explores its topic with honesty.

The Fruit

The Fruit is an example of an original concept that is delivered via a simple method but the way in which it is presented makes it work perfectly.

The story itself isn’t original. There are many films about alien invasions, but this one has a unique perspective and a new way of exploring the story.

Keeping the film contained works well to get the audience invested in the character. Keeping the alien hidden is also a clever way of keeping the audience watching for a reveal that never happens.

Strong performances help give the film nuances that may not otherwise have been there. The lead has little dialogue but through facial expressions and movement a character is created. A voiceover can often distract from a narrative but the delivery of this one really added to the piece.

The design of the film enhances its uniqueness. The warm colour palette and visual effects add to the retro feel of the film making it a joy to watch.

Farewell to Xulhaz

Quite often films that are experimental or don’t follow a narrative path can be hard to invest in for an audience. Here we have a film of this ilk that also presents some humanity which works well to help the audience relate to it and invest in it.

There is a fantastic use of both beautiful imagery and real life footage which compliment each other well. The use of real life footage helps maintain a relationship with the audience throughout.

Music is utilised well throughout to bring further depth to the film. The music works well to enhance the imagery on screen and doesn’t distract at all.

A visually appealing short that keeps the audience involved.


Songbird presents itself with beautiful visuals and strong performances. There is an endearing innocence about it that draws in and compels the audience. But it also brings darkness and magic that stop it being sickly sweet.

The films dull and pastel colour palette suit it perfectly and the design of the piece is flawless.

The performances are for the most part strong and the lead actress portrays a layered and well developed character, bringing excellent nuanced characterisations to the role.

Sound and music are used to strong effect throughout the film. Not just the songbirds songs, which are beautiful, but also other music and sound effects are utilised perfectly to enhance but not overpower the story.

An excellent shirt that is well structured and beautifully designed.