Bakalu Studio Composition

Experimental films are often much more likely to be misinterpreted than any other type of film, however they are also more freely open to individual interpretation, and therein lies their intrigue. Watching them with somebody else often results in very different ideas on what the film was about and what it is representing. Bakalu Studio Composition is no different.

There is a lot to be said for making watching the same woman in a variety of stances and carrying out a variety of movements interesting, yet here we see it. A piece of film of over five minutes that doesn’t lose the audience, but in fact holds their attention throughout.

The films purpose and message is of course open to interpretation, however seeing the female carrying out the variety of moves, facial expressions and stances brings to mind the various emotions and aspects of our personality that all vie for top position at any one time. Situations don’t always elicit only a single response, and the dominant response doesn’t always remain so. Here we see different movements and actions moving from the forefront to the back ground much as our emotions do. This is one interpretation, there are probably many more.

The sounds used are a mixture and seem to be an amalgamation of a variety of sounds and music which mirror what is going on on screen, the different types of sound all working together mochas the various images are. The production is simple yet effective and it all results in an intriguing piece that will get you scratching your head.