Ever have those days at work where you feel utterly under valued and completely used? But then you meet that someone, that light at the end of the tunnel and suddenly the days are bit less dark, a bit less tedious. What if that person was a toilet?

Yup. A toilet. Makes sense, as it already offers us relief in our times of need.

This film on the surface is completely ridiculous, but it’s an intentional ridiculousness. Underneath that comedic stupidity is a film that actually deals with a very real issue. Going into work everyday feeling completely unfulfilled and motivated, seeing those around you succeed and your boss use and abuse you can drive you to do things you would never normally do.

The film not only looks at the divide between manager and employee, but also how that manager uses and abuses everything and everyone around him. That’s what drives the lead character to his climactic finale, and these times of Trump and allegations of abuse, this film is actually quite appropriate.

Whilst this film deals with its issues with comedy, there are moments of very real emotion and every now and then it’s realities bubble to the surface. The lead actor does a great job of providing both comedy and very real emotion, giving us a character that it is ash to empathise with.

The production quality is admirable, with good use of music and accomplished directing. The support cast are also good providing an all round enjoyable film.