December 2016

Best Film
Pacific Mermaid, by Alexis Barbosa, FRANCE
Lucy in My Eyes, by Megan Park, UNITED STATES
Hope, The Boat, by Dhruv Sachdeva, INDIA

Best Director
Shoot Me Nicely, by Elias Plagianos, UNITED STATES
Don’t Think About It, by Niv Klainer, UNITED STATES
#WhoWeKill, by Pavel Ivanov, RUSSIA
Timed Expectancy, by Riccardo Pittaluga, ITALY

Best Editing 
Spaceman, by Christopher Oliva, UNITED STATES
Bad Sheriff, by Ben Bernschneider, GERMANY
Worth a Thousand Words, by Candace Kowalski, UNITED STATES

Best Sound / Music
Hope Dead End, by Homayoun Sheikhi, IRAN
Breath, by Andrea Brusa & Marco Scotuzzi, ITALY
A Day to Live, by Ruby FosterRuby Foster, UNITED STATES

Best Documentary
Death of a Giant, by Nina Constable, UNITED KINGDOM
Low Season, by Jonathan Johnson, UNITED STATES
Hearing Voices, by Anja Krug-Metzinger, GERMANY

Best Experimental
Teatime Ponderer, by Amin Shaikh, UNITED STATES
Head in The Clouds, Feet on the Ground, by Salome Nascimento, PORTUGAL
Pulse, by Caresio Léo, FRANCE