December 2017

Best Film
Der Dunkle Reigen, by Dominik Bücheler, AUSTRIA
Maya, by Manav Gami, UNITED KINGDOM
Stella 1, by Gaia Bonsignore & Roberto D’Ippolito, ITALY

Best Director
Prakshalana, by Ram Katru, INDIA
Lady Electric, by Mirella Christou, CANADA
Halifax, Nova Scotia, by Ben Parsons, UNITED STATES

Best Screenplay 
Joseph, by Ian Davies, UNITED KINGDOM
Don’t Look, I’m Dying, by Justin Lynk, UNITED STATES
Tapfeirkeit, by Joseph Quinn, UNITED STATES

Best Cinematography 
Spettri, by Andrea Gatopoulos, ITALY
The Simulant, by Divina Hasselmann & Esther Niemeier, GERMANY
Pipinara, by Ludovico Di Martino, ITALY

Best Sound / Music
It’ll be Fine, by JJ Anzaldi, UNITED STATES
Love, bites, by Ajay Govind, INDIA
Quartet, by Anna-Katharina Schröder, GERMANY

Best Animation
Pet Man, by Marzieh Abrarpaydar, IRAN
Leave a Print, by Christina S. Nerland, UNITED KINGDOM

Best Documentary
The Short Film about Max, by Camilo Eduardo Palacios Obregón, COLOMBIA
My Father, by Johanna Jannsen, GERMANY
Scouting for Light, by Morand Coline, FRANCE
Shangri La, Carlo Christian Spano, CHINA
Belle-Île-en-Mer, a Breton and Acadian Island, by Phil Comeau, CANADA

Best Web Series
Lost & Found NY, by Kalin Ivanov, UNITED STATES

Best Experimental
A Single Garden, by Monica Klemz, BRAZIL
Nirvana of Sodom, by Xie Tian(B.R.Sky), CHINA
Humano, by Marco Castro Terrazas, PERU