December 2018

Best Drama
Portrait of a Lamb, by Marco Zappala, UNITED STATES
Memories, by Andre Siqueira, BRAZIL
Sea at Night, by Kim Fabienne Hertinger, GERMANY

Best Comedy
Broccoli, by Ivan Sainz-Pardo, GERMANY
Silent Night, by Jerome Steinberg, FRANCE
Anonymous Psychos, Anaëlle Morf, SWITZERLAND

Best Documentary
Parivara, by Alex Kruz & Alex Lora, NEPAL
Horse Powers: From the Land of the Vikings, by Jonathan Learn, NORWAY
Veteranfilm, by Csaba Hernáth, HUNGARY

Best Animation
Frank, by Filippo Di Piramo, ITALY
North. A journey of WH von Dönersmarck, by Frédéric Roussel, BELGIUM
One Third, by Kelly Sarri, GREECE

Best Web Series
Blackbetty, by Marco North, RUSSIA
Made in AmeriKa, by Russell Wyatt Roberts, AUSTRALIA
Facility 003, by Ace Kim, UNITED STATES

Best Experimental
Becoming Me, by Stefano Pasotti, UNITED KINGDOM
Minds On Mute, by Lander Haverals & Annick Timmermans, BELGIUM
Money is as innocent as the gun, by Chris Colling, UNITED KINGDOM

Best Advertisement
Autotorino. A history of passion, by Carlo De Agostini, ITALY
Flippin Pizza Spec Commercial, by Terry Ross, UNITED STATES
Walking Together, by George Turnbull, CANADA

Best Music Video
Ghosts, by Andreas Zuber, SWITZERLAND
Cyesm – Adding To The Debt, by Pascal Boudet, FRANCE
Małach- Zmiany są dobre, by Błażej Jankowiak, POLAND