Drilling Holes into the Sun

Ordinarily, a film with so many juxtaposing styles within itself would result in a feeling of confusion and disjointedness. Yet here they are meshed together and their opposition to each other works to promote the the message of the film and differences in the two characters personalities and mental state.

The use of a slow, dramatic monologue intermingled with fast paced dance music and interpretitive movement pieces pro ides the audience with ongoing stimulation and it works in an almost two-tone way, with one complimenting the other. From a slow, intense unwaivering monologue to very stimulating visuals to heavy music, it’s almost like a film version of Bipolar Disorder.

What works so well in this film is that it shouldn’t work. It should feel like a mess, and yet it doesn’t. Each section lasts just the right amkount of time before it outstays it’s welcome and it moves on so you are presented with something different and yet perfectly acceptable within this context. Somehow the director has found a balance that is rare and a little bit beautiful.

The monologue is deep and well written in the deeper sections and the choice of music is exceptional. The movements within the dance sections are fluid and performed perfectly, with cast members flowing like lava lamps.

Here is a piece of film that is truly original, without wearing a neon sign that promotes it’s individuality. It is what it is, and that works.