Every Nation Worships the Practical God | Musical Drama

This religious film has the feeling of something you would watch at school as a child during assembly, and that is meant as a compliment. The film is uplifting and upbeat from the opening, from the music, the dancing and the bright colours used.

It makes perfect sense to have a legions film take the form of a musical, when we consider how much music is used in religion from hymns to gospel singers, music has played a part in belief and worship for centuries. Here we see it utilised perfectly.

Colours are used splendidly within this film, promoting the bright and uplifting message of the film. A wide variety of bright colours are used both as part of the set and the costume, promoting diversity and happiness throughout the piece. These compliment the music and the dance numbers well.

The film paces itself well moving from fast dance numbers, quick beat songs to dramatic pieces and slower songs. This mix up helps the film to flow but also stops any boredom or monotonous tropes.

The large ensemble cast are directed well and produce strong performances, this is no small feat in a cast of this size. Emotions are portrayed well as well as providing accomplished dance and song pieces. A strong all round cast that compliments each other well.

A mood lifting, enlightening film that provides a variety of elisions entertainment suitable for a wide audience.