February 2018

Best Film
Contact, by Teal Greyhavens, UNITED STATES
Soft Boiled, by Elwin Rijken, NETHERLANDS
Nilufer, by Tolge Ozdemir, TURKEY

Best Director
The Cossak, by Simay Yaykır, TURKEY
Voyeur, by Katharine White, UNITED STATES
The Perfect Girl, by Nadeem Shah, INDIA

Best Screenplay 
Whales, by Nora Jaenicke, UNITED STATES
In Bad Company, by Ke De Sol, AUSTRALIA
Foreplay, by Marcus Siebler, GERMANY

Best Cinematography 
Ariadne, by Adrian Rodriguez, UNITED STATES
Nisa, by Barbara S. Müller, AUSTRIA
Capo di Famiglia, by Annemarie Libbers, NETHERLANDS

Best Sound / Music
The Blind Man, by Bohdan Revkevych, UKRAINE
Maniera Greca, by Kirineos Papadimatos, GREECE
Proof, by Andrea Baglio, ITALY

Best Animation
Animus par Machina, by Danja Politis, NETHERLANDS
Ailan, by Jubrail Abubaker Rahman, IRAQ
Momentum, by Eric Lopez, CHILE

Best Documentary
Easter Island, by De Zaklika, FRANCE
The Woman Weighing Gold, by Jacques Loeuille, FRANCE
Chamber Music Wonderland, by Emanuel Altenburger, AUSTRIA

Best Experimental
Don’t Worry, Be Happy, by Jennifer Revit, DENMARK
Grand Tour to Florence, by Kirill Neiezhmakov, ITALY
Awaken, by Brandon Burgess, UNITED STATES

Best Web Series
Lenny in Love, by Jonathon Gittus, AUSTRALIA
The Strategy of Water, by Fabio Pellegrinelli, SWITZERLAND