Film Review: Excitable Eddie

This 2-minutes taster-teaser is an uninterrupted shot of a psych patient having a fit is designed to promote Schizo, a psych-crime novel by author Ilene B. Benator. And by “author”, we mean writer, not an “auteur” in the film world sense.

The two minutes long take of Eddie suffering a psychotic fit before the mirror, trapped in a corner and on the floor, shrinking into himself and then embodying nothing less than a total loss of the sense of reality is accompanied by a narration – that belongs to a saner, more confident voice who confesses to be Eddie’s neighbor. Enter Dan, Dan Greenberg, the protagonist of the novel, a promising med student who is derailed by a schizophrenic patient he is assigned on rotation and embarks on a dangerous journey. Dan confidently states that Eddie’s is a tortured soul, that he cheats the shrinks mimicking stupor after he’s been fed pills, that he is making up plans to break free of the ward and declares that his demons, unlike Eddie’s are… real.

film_posterIs this a good taster? Yes, curiosity-whipping to the bone and very intelligently designed. One can imagine the propaganda effect of popping up other “teasers” focusing on Dan’s other “neighbors”. Imagine Dr. Lecter talking about Multiple Miggs in the neighboring cell, only to drive the camera/fictive focus eventually to his own self and saga. Especially after reading illustrious reviews of Benator’s book on Goodreads lauding her style and fresh promise of fever, I am compelled to read her writing, even though not being a hardcore fan of the genre. Plus, Ilene B. Benator’s being an emergency physician, an insider to the domain of medicine is another wow factor, urging the prospective reader to think about the insights she could have thrown into the story. However, is Excitable Eddie a short film proper? Unfortunately, no. If a story is told only to stir appetite about another story (served on the shelf, not on the silver screen), how can one regard it as a film by reason of its own?

Let’s hope Schizo reaches wide readership and attracts the attention of the industry to be translated into a proper screenplay and to give birth to an feature adaptation.

prepared by Mutlu Yetkin.