Film Review: Mirror

Quite often the most simple of films portray the deepest meanings and the most honest explorations. Within this short film, we see on what of these films. One young girl in a bathroom seems on the surface like not much of a film, yet once you start scratching the surface you begin to see the different levels and layers to both the character and the film.

The level of emotion and understanding of mental health is astounding in such a short film. To show the differences between what we display to the world and what we privately display to ourselves is deftly articulated. Alongside this we see the internal struggle between emotions and the tug of war many individuals dealing with mental ill health have to face in a daily basis.

Aside from the fantastic construction and narrative, the performance of the young actress is admirable. To be able to portray such intense and raw emotion without any dialogue and very short screen time displays a connection the art and to the character she is portraying.

The film displays adept and impressive film making skills from editing, make up right through to direction. When all aspects of producing a film come together the result should can. E exciting, and this is what we are seeing here. A raw and emotional piece of film that is a testament to the cast and crew and their abilities.