Film Review: Rope Trick

Rope Trick provides a seemingly simple premise and combines it with style and steamy provocativeness to produce a film with intrigue and elegance. The film opens with a magic show. A clever set up for the completely different kind of ‘magic’ that happens later in the film.

We quickly move to a loaded conversation between the magician and a sultry stranger. The tension between the two actors is tangible and a testament to good acting and strong directing. The lead actor continues to provide a strong performance throughout the short film, with the supporting cast giving equally admirable performances.

The story and characters are well written and developed. Although the film is short in length the story has a logical and well produced arc. The lead character isn’t two dimensional, which is a difficult feat in a film of this length. This is a testament to the talent of the writer.

Whilst the film may not be completely unpredictable, it does provide the audience with a certain level of intrigue and uncertainty. There is just enough work for the audience to do, and just enough mystery to keep them interested without losing them.

The editing within the film is well executed. The effects are minimal and the cuts and transitions do not detract from the film itself, as can sometimes be the case in short films that strive to be more than they need to be. Rope Trick recognises what it is and embraces it rather than trying to be something else.

Music is used well within the film and helps to establish mood and atmosphere. It helps to keep a slightly upbeat to the film and stops the film feeling too dark or foreboding. Whilst there is mystery and intrigue, it is tongue in cheek and the music fits that well.

Overall the film is well executed and well written. Strong performances and well developed arcs keep the audience involved in the film throughout.