Film Review: Yesterday’s Rain

LGBT themed projects are popular right now, and in the current political climates with such uncertainty it’s important to continue to see a strong much diversity within media a day possible. However, a flooding of films on the same topic can often produce overlap and repetition.

Here we see a film that has focused its efforts purely in its own story. No agenda or finger to ‘the man’. Even it’s locations are almost entirely enveloping giving the sense that the characters are in their own world. This clever details mirrors many young people’s journey through coming out, which can often feel completely isolating.

What is interesting about this film, and what works particularly well is the minimal dialogue. There is dialogue, but it isn’t the deep or meaningful dialogue you would expect. Instead, the real emotion and communication with the audience is embedded in the nuances of the protagonists body language. The silences in this film carry much more wieght of story than any of the dialogue and works as a visual representation of the internalisation of emotion that many of us went through during this time.

This film works particularly well for people who have been through this journey as it is very relatable in its storytelling. It is also very refreshing to see a female lead struggling to come out rather than the much more common male protagonist.

Well thought out and impressively constructed, the film uses clever techniques to portray its message in ways more than dialogue. With admirable performances from both leads, a beautifully constructed score and soundtrack, this film is a delight for viewers.