In Through the Night

It can be difficult to get across to an audience, a story or a message in a film that is shorter than five minutes, especially when using subtext and relying upon the audiences’ ability to interpret what is being presented to them. Here we find a film that manages to do just that, and do it with panache.

There is a lot of style in this film, which is impressive in a film that is seemingly so simple and limited in terms of location and casting. Despite these limitations the film is beautiful and incredibly well presented. It is polished and edited to perfection, with beautiful yet simple imagery. There is much to be taken from the background and seemingly insignificant in this film, as much as can be taken from the forefront and the dialogue.

What works so well in this film is its ability to be unassuming. In its surface, it is a girl applying make up and a voice over giving her inner monologue, and yet there is so much more going on without it taking over the film. The lead actress is so comfortable and confident in front of camera, the fact she has no dialogue is irrelevant. Her performance is sublime without it.

This film is a glorious example of how to produce an understated yet effective short film.