January 2017

Best Film
Penalty, by Aldo Iuliano, ITALY
Stella Maris, by Kalainithan Kalaichelvan, CANADA
Factory 91, by Madeline Leshner, UNITED STATES

Best Director
L as in Light, by Damiana Acuña, MEXICO
How to Save Darling, by Leopoldo Caggiano, ITALY
Gifted, by Freddy Macdonald, SWITZERLAND

Best Screenplay 
Without a Good Title, by Bajrush Kajtazi, KOSOVO
Anticipations, by Mauro Walker, SWITZERLAND
The Simon’s Way, by Edgar Baghdasaryan, ARMENIA

Best Editing 
Stella Maris, by Kalainithan Kalaichelvan, CANADA
Mercilesz, by Hüseyin Albayrak, GERMANY
Life is Horrible, by Rachel Yingxuan Zhou, UNITED STATES

Best Sound / Music
Reise nach Nirgendwo, by Thomas Scherer, GERMANY
Suitcase, by Igor Gavva, FRANCE
Izahaq, by Charles Kollannoor Chakkunny, INDIA

Best Documentary
The Uncertainty Has Settled, by Marijn Poels, GERMANY
Mining The Unconscious: The Artist’s Journey, by Marcelina Martin, UNITED STATES
I Go Back Home – Jimmy Scott, by Yoon Ha Chang, UNITED STATES

Best Animation
Job Interview, by Juha Fiilin, FINLAND
Time Travel Bites, by Victor Xia & Jason Timothy, UNITED STATES
Stars, by Han Zhang, UNITED STATES
Red Fat Cat, by Klaus Hoefs, GERMANY

Best Experimental
Woes of a Lotus, by Andrew Fox Smith, UNITED STATES
South Coast, by Scott Palmer, AUSTRALIA
Wistful, by Bryce Berger, UNITED STATES

Best Web Series
Hooked, by Luca Vecchi, ITALY
Menage TV Show, by Paneet Singh, CANADA
Fauk My Life: Pilot, by Stephanie Neroes, UNITED STATES