July 2016

Best Film
La Preuve, Belgium
Free Monkeys, Germany
Confessions, United States
Anges, France
Best Friends, Netherlands

Best Director
Nolens Volens, Belgium
Endless Ache, Lebanon
Setting Son, United States
Sandbox, United States
The Feeling, Italy

Best Screenplay
The Sirius, Australia
Thereza, United States
When It’s not Your Time, United States
Any Other Day, India
BOODY: The Sumo Pharao, Egypt

Best Editing / Photography
Turtleface, United States
Fureur, France
A Town called Theocracy, United States
Dark Dreamer, Germany
A Lost Heaven, Germany

Best Sound / Music
Lily, Greece
Bogo the Clown, Canada
• • • − − − • • •, Portugal
Orange, Turkey
243 A Silent ManSwitzerland

Best Documentary
Cimarron Spirit, United States
Sewol, Germany
Hoda’s Story, Israel
Gloves and Razors, Mexico

Best Animation
Encore, United States
The Hound of Heaven, United States
Hanging, United States
Luscious, United States
Duhkha, Canada

Best Experimental
Mortem, Canada
Imaginary Novels, United States
Dancing Queen, United States
The King and The CrownUnited States

Best Web Series
The Photographer, United States
The Horizon, Australia

Honorary Mentions
Found, United Kingdom
Struggle in the Wind, Taiwan
Bern Harbor, Switzerland
Ode to Joy, United States
Breaking the Fourth Wall, Italy
A Pearl of the RevolutionCuba