July 2017

Best Film
People at Night, by Joshua Magor, UNITED KINGDOM
Dispersion, by Nikita Trocki, BELGIUM
Day of Reckoning, by Gideon van Eeden, NETHERLANDS

Best Director
Train to Peace, by Jakob Weyde & Jost Althoff, GERMANY
Day of Reckoning, by Gideon van Eeden, NETHERLANDS
Listen, by Niko Mikadze, FRANCE

Best Screenplay 
Day of Reckoning, by Peter Stead, NETHERLANDS
Leipzig Fairy Tale, by Anaïs Clerc-Bedouet, GERMANY
Mango -Life Coincidences, by Cato ML Ekrene, NORWAY

Best Cinematography 
The Lion, by Sam Buchanan, UNITED KINGDOM
Rouge, by Marcelina Pieniążek, POLAND
No Love for Fuckboys, by Ricardo Bouyett, UNITED STATES

Best Sound / Music
Drilling Holes into the Sun, by peopleASponies & Philip Nguyen, UNITED STATES
Behold, such Clown, by Jacob Pilgaard, DENMARK
Blindspot, by Josh Seven, INDIA

Best Documentary
The Making of Soko Danub, by Manuel Molzer, AUSTRIA
Waking a Monster, by Mirjam Clement, UNITED STATES
Wayne’s Barber Shop,  by Alex Olavarria, UNITED STATES

Best Animation
Deadly Drive-In Disaster, by Arjan Wilschut, NETHERLANDS
The Bate, by Jeanne Pépin-Michel, CANADA
The Silence of the Sky, by Jubrail Abubaker, IRAQ

Best Experimental
The Bill, by Angela Semionas, GERMANY
Smart Pantheon, by Myriam Thyes, GERMANY
Where am I, by Leonardo Schober, SWITZERLAND

Best Web Series
Under the Flowers, by Richard T. Wilson, UNITED STATES