June 2016

Best Film
Solitary, United States
Croissant, Spain
Parallel Lives, Italy
Flutulus, Moldova
In The Clouds, Argentina

Best Director
Pages 321 Part 1, India
The Sons of Robert Schuman, Ireland
Stroke, United States
The Anniversary, Italy
Magasin, Netherlands

Best Screenplay
A Quiet Life, France
To Those Who Dare, Sweeden
Raspberry Jane, Canada
The Order, United Kingdom
Messengers, United States

Best Editing / Photography
The Inventor, Singapore
Sunday, Brazil
Peer, Netherlands
Vuoto, Netherlands
The Secret of Joy, United States

Best Sound / Music
Rene, Singapore
The Selection, United States
Dreams on Sale, Romania
Moment of Anger, United States

Best Documentary
Escapes to Ganges, Norway
The Ability Exchange, United States
Unwritten, South Africa
Ulises doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Spain

Best Animation
Solo, United States
Little Pig, United States
The Journey, United States
Òrun Àiyé – The creation of the world, Brazil
Dead Pan, United States

Best Experimental
Laura, Iran
Follow Me, Austria
Nipa, Norway

Honorary Mentions
Wearing the Fog, China
Agrinoui, Cyprus
The Hardest Night, Australia
Love is Everywhere, France
I met You Tomorrow, Italy