June 2017

Best Film
Lizzie Lost, by Molly Ratermann, UNITED STATES
Life Saver, by Pierre Amstutz Roch, FRANCE
Nativity, by Gianfranco Antacido, ITALY

Best Director
Whoever Was Using This Bed, by Andrew Kotatko, AUSTRALIA
Life Therapy, by Ce Liang, UNITED STATES
Run Faster, by Cato Manuel Lizaraso Lizaraso Ekrene, NORWAY

Best Screenplay 
128, by Onur Atalay Şenol, TURKEY
Magda, by Dimitris Zouras, GREECE
The Last Show, by Roberto Flores, PERU

Best Cinematography 
The Madame in Black, by Jarno Lee Vinsencius, SWEDEN
Timeline 2017, by Mikhail Romanovskiy, RUSSIA
Until the End of World, by Benjamin Sebire, FRANCE

Best Sound / Music
Epilogues, by Andre Glasner De Freitas, BRAZIL
The Maze, by Franco Lucchetti, ITALY
What We Lose, by Jakob Valdemar Mørk, DENMARK

Best Documentary
I Want to Be Rompicollo, by Antonio Bartoli, ITALY
Throwline, by Mia Mullarkey, IRELAND
Comedy is No Joke,  by Kee Ramsorrun, UNITED KINGDOM

Best Animation
Kcloc, by Ninaad Kulkarni, UNITED STATES
Dream with Me, by Harrison Killian, UNITED STATES
Purple Dreams, by Murat Sayginer, TURKEY

Best Experimental
Long Yearning, by Elliot Spencer, AUSTRALIA
The New Sexy, by Eleanor K Russell, UNITED KINGDOM
Sleep Again, by Angela Semionas, GERMANY

Best Web Series
The Big Break, by Marcel Romeijn, NETHERLANDS
Dated, by Rob Burnett, UNITED STATES
Rising Son, by Iker Bilbao, SPAIN