June 2018

Best Film
9to5, by Filippos Tsapekis, GREECE
Sarah’s Journey, by Antonio Losito, ITALY
Spectrum, by Igor Sadovski, MOLDOVA

Best Director
Secret Child: The Bridge, by Yew Weng Ho, UNITED KINGDOM
Grandpa and I, by Ali Sohail Jauran, PAKISTAN
Before Oblivion, by Ferenc Rakoczy, SWITZERLAND

Best Screenplay 
Ridng on Duke’s Train – B, by Ken Kimmelman / Mick Carlon, UNITED STATES
Papercut, by Damian Overton, AUSTRALIA
My Little Life, by David Willing, AUSTRALIA

Best Cinematography 
Day Off, by Alexander Griffith, GERMANY
Once More, by Rachel Zhou, UNITED STATES
Nocebo, by Faraz Alam, CZECH REPUBLIC

Best Sound / Music
Silent Love Stories II, by Amr Al-Hariri, UNITED STATES
Cellmate, by Philipp Kilham, GERMANY
Lazarus’ Resurrection Won’t Do Any Good, by Clodoaldo Lino, BRAZIL

Best Animation
Space Odyssey, by Manasak Khlongchainan, THAILAND
Land of Odd, by Gus Fink & Emi Boz, UNITED STATES

Best Experimental
3 Dreams of Horses, by Mike Hoolboom, CANADA
Anagnorisis, by Ghada Youssef, LEBANON