Sometimes the most effective films are those that are seemingly of no consequence from the opening. They start out low level and inconspicuous but build into something that sticks with you long after they have ended. This is what we see here.

The film opens on a couple in a non-description room, evidently having an important meeting but we are never fully given the answers to what the problem is. This all adds to the building intrigue surrounding this apparent virus. We appear to join the film in the middle of what is happening, which means we are not laden with a ton of back story or build up. This helps the audience to invest quickly.

The film then gives us just enough information to work out what is going on without overloading us with exposition dialogue or unnecessary scenes. There is a beautiful subtlety to the film that adds intrigue but also makes the audience think and join the dots. This is the kind of writing that draws in an audience.

The lead actors are both outstanding, using subtleties of body language and not overstating their actions. There is a tangible affection between the two that only makes the ending more effecting.

There is a dull visual tone to the film that matches the general mood of the lead male, and works well to set the atmosphere of the piece. The use of blues and greys is a strong visual representation of what the male is feeling.

Overall a very strong film, well made and well executed with a delightfully open ending.