March 2017

Best Film
Ulysse, by Senhaji Nabil, FRANCE
Mouse, by Celine Held & Logan George, UNITED STATES
The Sunken Convent, by Michael Panduro, DENMARK

Best Director
Buckets, by Julia Jones, UNITED STATES
Cowboys & Indians, by Emilia Ruiz, SPAIN
The Orchard, by Reuben Vick, UNITED KINGDOM

Best Screenplay 
Pierrot, by Jonathan Ehrlich, ISRAEL
The Search, by Yudhajit Basu & Prithvijoy Ganguly, INDIA
Short Story, by Anar Azimov, AZARBAIJAN

Best Cinematography 
The Search, by Yudhajit Basu & Prithvijoy Ganguly, INDIA
Soury, by Christophe Switzer, FRANCE
Look, by Sinan Karacam, TURKEY
Polis Nea, by Pierluigi Ferrandini, ITALY

Best Sound / Music
One, by Merlin Luong & Ludwig Nussbaumer, GERMANY
Purgatory, by Alfonso Torres, UNITED STATES
Parasit, by Péter Lakatos, HUNGARY

Best Documentary
Alight, by Emil Nils Nylander, SWEDEN
Resurgence, by Ankit Sharma, INDIA
Enaria,  by Irene Candelori, ITALY

Best Animation
The Hook, by Aanal Kumar, INDIA
Skinjob, by Steve Simmons, UNITED KINGDOM
A Wonderful Monster, by Serhii Malnichenko, UKRAINE

Best Experimental
Homeland, by Patrick Cheung, HONG KONG
Spring Mirror, by Ruxandra Mitache, SWITZERLAND
Dear Sun, by Iris Tanttu, FINLAND

Best Web Series
Gorchlach: The legend of Cordelia, by Fabio Cento, ITALY