March 2018

Best Film
A Redcurrant Pie, by Marek Kacer, SLOVAKIA
First Love, by Jules Carrin, FRANCE
The Inner Fire, by Alexander Knauer, GERMANY

Best Director
Death (And Disco Fries), by Dennis Cahlo, UNITED STATES
By Blood, by Guillaume EnardD & Jonathan Delerue, FRANCE
1000 Smiles Per Hour, by Fabian Altenried, GERMANY

Best Screenplay 
Alistair, by Marvin Reid, UNITED STATES
First Love, by Jules Carrin, FRANCE
Perchta, by Anna-Maria Montonen & André Vauthey, SWITZERLAND

Best Cinematography 
Mr. Bowling Ball, by Ian Sproul & Costantino Ciminiello, UNITED STATES
Glass, by Darren Scott, UNITED KINGDOM
Insomnia, by Andrii Andreiev & Olga Andreieva, UKRAINE

Best Sound / Music
Stand Sure, by Gerard Mulvany & Danica Wild, UNITED STATES
Persona Non Grata, by Alvin Adadevoh & Amber Lee, UNITED STATES
Masterpiece, by Marc Eikelenboom, NETHERLANDS

Best Animation
The Box, by Dusan Kastelic, SLOVENIA
Sky Underwater, by Maria Galliani Dyrvik, NORWAY
The Fly, by Tan Ray Tat & Kateryna Velychko, CHINA

Best Documentary
Fugitive Task Force, by Siya Mayola, SOUTH AFRICA
I Got The Land, by Francescu Artily, FRANCE
Easter Island, by De Zaklika, FRANCE

Best Experimental
Unscheduled, by Carla Oppo, ITALY
Lasting Beast, by Nagi Gianni & Raphaëlle Mueller, SWITZERLAND
Man, with beard and umbrella, by Sølvi Edvardsen, NORWAY

Best Web Series
Single Man Problems, by Bobby Ashley & Robert Mccullough, UNITED STATES
After Nightfall, by Wayne Tunks, AUSTRALIA