MAY 2016

Best Film
Self-Control, United Kingdom
Doris, United Kingdom
Blood Hunters, Philippines
Cold Matchsitck, Portugal
The Trial of Everett Mann, United States

Best Director
The Bouquet, France
All the Other Things, Russia
The Captain, United Kingdom
The Eve, Italy
Jewish Blind Date, Switzerland

Best Screenplay
A Shadow of Dara, Bulgaria
Corpse Remover, United Kingdom
American Dynasty, United States
Marmeladas, United Kingdom
The Double Cross, United Kingdom

Best Editing / Photography
Thrashed After Death, Australia
Equal Measure, United Kingdom
Delicate Strawberry, Switzerland
My Beloved Son, Italy
A Town Called Theocracy, United States

Best Sound / Music
The Cross, Slovenia
Pushing, United States
Swim Low, Canada
To the Sea, Turkey
Drawn to Fear, United States

Best Documentary
RWANDArt, Belgium
Microsculpture, United Kingdom
Why are the Bees Dying?, Germany
An Animated Guy, New Zealand
Hot Men Cold Dictatorships, Hungary

Best Animation
My Life I don’t Want, Myanmar
Rupee Run, United States
Selfie, Thailand
A Bumpy Ride, United States
Lili, Israel

Best Experimental
Leafless Against the Gray Sky, United States
Heaven, Japan
Metal Laser City (A Cinepoem), Switzerland

Honorary Mentions
Perhaps Time is like an Axolotl, Germany
Nuts at Museum, Thailand
Hold on, Canada
Together – Parallel Universe, South Africa
Leftovers, Canada
More than Words, United States
The Anklet, France
Paint Me, United Kingdom
Food + Water | Earth, United States
The Story of Eduardo: An Empty ManSwitzerland
Ride the Lightning: VengeanceSwitzerland