May 2017

Best Film
In Our Country, by Louisa Wagener, GERMANY
Emmi, by Andrew Carslaw, UNITED KINGDOM
Whoever Was Using This Bed, by Andrew Kotatko, AUSTRALIA

Best Director
What We Lose, by Jakob Valdemar Mørk, DENMARK
If Yesterday Does Not Exist, by Meike Wüstenberg, GERMANY
Canon, by Igor Sadovski, ITALY

Best Screenplay 
Shadow, by Jae Won Jung, SOUTH KOREA
Gone, by Helena Jónsdóttir & Vera Wonder Sölvadóttir, BELGIUM
The Theory of Almodovar, by Halit Eke, TURKEY

Best Cinematography 
No Problem, by Magnus Millang, DENMARK
Yellow’s Anxiety, by Viola Folador, ITALY
Night Owls, by Sophie Black, UNITED KINGDOM

Best Sound / Music
Off Ramp, by Neil Jackson, UNITED KINGDOM
Play-Time, by David Bui, UNITED STATES
Internal Flight, by Andrii Andreiev & Olga Andreiev, UKRAINE

Best Documentary
Antarctica, by Andrii Andreiev & Olga Andreiev, UKRAINE
Matera 15/19, by Fabrizio Nucci, ITALY
Ballad for Syria,  by Eda Elif Tibet, TURKEY

Best Animation
Tom in Couchland, by James Just, UNITED STATES
Extinguished, by Ashley Anderson & Jacob Mann, UNITED STATES
Kukuschka, by Dina Velikovskaya, RUSSIA

Best Experimental
Krupa, by Ranjani Prasad, CANADA
BPM, by Julia Rose Camus, UNITED STATES
Chrysalis, by Siqi Xu, UNITED STATES

Best Web Series
Feedback, by Dylan Murphy, AUSTRALIA
Time Escapers, by Charlène Dautais & Maude Davy-Zeller, FRANCE
Over Easy, by Allison McAtee, UNITED STATES