My Little Life

Mockumentary style film and TV has always had an audience, especially since the critical success of films such as Spinal Tap and TV shows like The Office. Here we see this style recreated within the world of miniature house/furniture making. On the surface it may not sound all that appealing, but the film is actually charming, funny and well produced.

The humour is subtle yet well formed, and enhanced by fantastic performances from both leads, but especially the female lead. The natural style and delivery adds to the documentary style of the film, creating something that is hard to turn away from. Aside from the dialogue, the physical and plot humour are exceptional.

Despite following a specific style of filmmaking, there is a definite sense of originality to this piece and it doesn’t feel like it is following the tropes of the genre. The production quality is high and direction is strong. Cinematography is simple, as you would expect in a documentary style, yet it is incredibly effective.

Overall a funny, cheering film that is well made and well executed.