New Heaven and New Earth

This film is an interesting take on the kid of religious film that most of us experienced at school. Whilst for many of us, this may bring back feelings if boredom or monotony, that is far from what this film provides. It is a unique and diverse representation of religious text and messages presented in a variety of methods.

From the outset, we are presented with drama and something that is far from what we may expect from a religious, educational and message driven film. The pain and suffering portrayed are obvious and penetrating, with some no holes barred performances.

From here we are transported to a completely different world presented in anime. This is a wonderfully animated version of the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden with a typically anime take that adds a wealth of entertainment to the story.

This film utilises. Number of mediums to present its message and it’s through this variety that those messages stick. From pure drama, to anime, to interpretive dance and the final ‘big number’ of the tropes of other forms of entertainment are molders into one to make a memorable and unique experience for the audience. It certainly isn’t what you would expect at Sunday school.

Well edited and constructed, this a an impressive feat and one of the most entertaining religious films tha tthis reviewer has seen in a while.