October 2016

Best Film
Aniuta, by Anastasia Glebova, RUSSIA
5 Ways 2 Die, Daina Papadaki, CYPRUS
Princess, by Adrian Rodriguez, UNITED STATES
The Next Door, by Barrett Burgin, UNITED STATES
Edgar Allan Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado, by Nathaniel Allen Turner, UNITED STATES

Best Director
Emergency Call, by Raphael Biss, FRANCE
The Sky is Blue Everwhere, by Gina Wenzel, GERMANY
Alchemy, by Brandon Polanco, UNITED STATES
Dust, by Pongkarnda “Kik” Udomprasert, UNITED STATES
Crossing Paths, by Ben Bloore, UNITED KINGDOM

Best Screenplay
Fringes, by Michele Tataranni, ITALY
Nosotros, by Jonatas da Silva, UNITED STATES
Groundless, by Eimear Callaghan, IRELAND
Right Here or Over There, by Pauline Mabille, FRANCE
On Her Neck, by Athénaïs Régnier, FRANCE

Best Editing / Photography
A Hero for a Day, by Lifan Wang, UNITED STATES
Peter, by Chris Cronin, UNITED KINGDOM
2:AM, by Chris Cronin, UNITED KINGDOM
Abracadavers, by Morgan Ermter, CANADA
No Compassion No Mercy, by Matthew Broughton, CANADA

Best Sound / Music
Tethered, by Nicholas Staples, CANADA
Amal, by Hani Ahmed Alqattan, SAUDI ARABIA
Darkness Falls, by Jarno Vinsencius, SWEDEN
Place, by Itamar Lider Shiri, ISRAEL
New Dawn, by Adrian Rodriguez, MEXICO

Best Documentary
Pedro Cano – Travel Notebooks. The foundation, by Alfonso Burgos Risco, SPAIN
The Songs of Old Europe, by Volya Dzemka, UNITED STATES
Dignity, by Monica Mazzitelli, ITALY
Sealegs, by Eza Doortmont, NETHERLANDS
I Take Photos, by Oliver David Lister, UNITED KINGDOM

Best Animation
Equipoise,  by Gung-Kai KooUNITED STATES
Paper Bird,  by Yu Kyung, SOUTH KOREA
Vieanna Table Trip,  by Virgil Widrich, AUSTRIA

Best Experimental
The Verge of Helplessness,  by Anna GulyásHUNGARY
Fatale (Lethal), by Mathias Walter, FRANCE
The ABC Conjecture, by Brian Philip Katz, UNITED STATES

Best Web Series
150 kg,  by Yulia MaximovaRUSSIA
Happy Sour, by Samuel Wilson, AUSTRALIA
2 Become, by Mikael Buxton, FRANCE