October 2017

Best Film
Somewhere Tomorrow, by André Siqueira, BRAZIL
A Cyristal Carol, by Christian Jilka, AUSTRIA
Leecher, by Yonatan Weinstein, UNITED STATES
So Happy We Are, by Birgitte Aarebrodt, NORWAY
Skin, by Emma Blakey & Jason Lance David, AUSTRALIA

Best Director
Poolside, by Morgan Ermter, CANADA
Timeline, by Mikhail Romanovskiy, RUSSIA
A Cyristal Carol, by Christian Jilka, AUSTRIA
I Promised Her Life, by Robert Nazar Arjoyan, UNITED STATES
Embrace Me, by Melissa-Kelly Franklin, UNITED KINGDOM

Best Screenplay 
Go Out With Love, by Meredith Nunnikhoven, UNITED STATES
Deleted Scene, by Nicolò Tagliabue, ITALY
The Bone Records of Leningrad, by Tom Vecchio, UNITED STATES
Known Harm, by Kee Ramsorrun, UNITED KINGDOM
My Pot of Gold, by Priyanka Tanwar, INDIA

Best Cinematography 
Scale, by Brian Siskind, UNITED STATES
Stronger than Pretty, by Marjorie LeWit & Jon Schweigart, UNITED STATES
This Modern Man is a Beat, by Alex Merkin, UNITED STATES
Skin, by Emma Blakey & Jason Lance David, AUSTRALIA
Sain Huber, by Jules Comes, BELGIUM

Best Sound / Music
Breaker, by Philippe McKie, JAPAN
Inside the Walls, by Ivan Sintsov (composer), RUSSIA
Be My First, by Philippe McKie, JAPAN
Olvido, by Marina Badía & Jorge Vico, SPAIN
Bull’s Eye, by Clément Saunier & Julien Janska, FRANCE

Best Documentary
Outside, by Luca Leoni, SWITZERLAND
Uncle Jessie White, by Ann Marie Hudak & Stashu Kybartas, UNITED STATES
Theo’s Choice,  by Mi KL &  Thomas Cauvin, UNITED STATES

Best Animation
Flossenburg, by Heejoo Kim, UNITED STATES
Empty View, by Ali Zare Ghanatnowi, IRAN
Cuerdas, by Pedro Solís García, SPAIN

Best Experimental
Of Two One is The Other, by Francesco Tinella, ITALY
Carriage, by Eleanor Suess, UNITED KINGDOM