Film Review: Spectratta

This film opens with an interesting and unusual succession of shots. This essentially sets the audience up for what is to come which is a uniquely stylistic experimental film with a strong focus on visuals and music.

0-spectratta-postcard-9-10The film looks at wildlife, and in some cases the wildlife you wouldn’t expect to see in a short film. The interesting and unseen life that happens on our very doorstep without us even knowing.

From the start the film displays its focus on music to drive the momentum forward, and this is done to great effect. The music compliments what is happening on screen matching tempo and atmosphere perfectly.

The addition of small parts of animation as well as the use of props add in stylistic attributes that only work to add to the charm of this short film. Short, sharp scenes and a variety of camera and editing techniques keep this film entertaining without it becoming boring or meandering.

The clever editing results in a film that piques the interest of its viewers whilst never straying from its intentions.

This short film is well executed, utilizing a variety of techniques to keep the viewer entertained whilst providing an interesting narrative.

Film Review: Crocodile Boy

This film starts with intrigue. The opening scene provides the audience with a number of unanswered questions and an out-of-the-ordinary scenario that grabs the viewer and keeps them invested in the hope of finding answers. An excellent use of narrative structure to draw the audience in and keep them involved.

12803094_999655056756338_5333927601955983837_nDespite an assumption that this will be a kids film, based on the costuming of the main characters, it soon becomes apparent that this is something darker, something more adult and intense in its themes. There are obvious fantasy based elements yet this film provides a strong emotionalism that is, at times, raw and affecting. It deals with issues such as rejection and loneliness, issues that you do not expect to be dealt with in such a raw and upsetting manner in a film of this ilk.

Strong performances by the lead actors enhance this films effectiveness and provide interesting and developed characterizations. Dialogue is well delivered and developed with the relationships between characters being believable and emotional.

The film is an interesting character piece that deals with a variety of issues in an original and unique way. Well executed and well written, this is an example of both how to write and how to execute something unorthodox.

Film Review: Das Irmgärtchen

The films introduction starts with colorful, short shots with an upbeat musical accompaniment. This sets us up well for the film which matches the music’s fast pace.

irmgaertchenflatandsmallDespite being a documentary the film is surprisingly fast paced which works well to keep the audiences attention. Clever editing utilizes the voice-over of the people interviewed over the top of a variety of shots. This helps keep the audiences interest rather than simply watching people talk.

The topic of the film is one that may be deemed boring however the film makers have managed to get a variety of perspectives and integrate them to offer an interesting background to a topic many take for granted every day. This has been achieved by gaining interviews with a number of people who all provide their own perspectives, rather than focusing on one individual.

The film is well paced with fast shots and short snippets of interviews. It never meanders and it never goes off pace, keeping the momentum going throughout. This helps to keep the audiences attention, preventing their minds from wandering or the film stagnating. This is enhanced by the effective use of upbeat music which keeps the tempo elevated.

An interesting and effective documentary film that recognizes how to keep the audiences attention by keeping it short and fast paced.

Film Review: Quartet

Starting a film with a voice over can all too often be clichéd, or deemed as contrite. Yet sometimes, it completely suits the tone of the film. This is one of those cases. The gentle, poetic voice over suits the over all tone of the film and leads the audience into the film appropriately.

quartet_poster_fotoYet underneath this soft introduction is an intrigue. A wealth of unanswered questions that we need answering as the film progresses. This is how the film takes hold of the audience, by providing intrigue and piquing curiosity.

The simplicity of the films structuring allows the audience to think, to fill in the blanks as they go. Through effective dialogue and accomplished scene construction the audience can gradually piece together the situation.

Despite the unconventionality of the lives that the actors have been thrown into, the sheer rawness of some of the emotion on show is impressive. The relationship between the lead actors is complicated and they bounce of each other well. There is often a tangible atmosphere that is brought about by the actors impressive ability to convey true relationships.

The lack of music or use of sound, aside from the sounds within the scene that are caused naturally allows the audience to hone in on the characters and their words, and there interactions. That is where the heart and soul of this film lies.

The editing and camera work are smooth and accomplished allowing the audience to slide easily from one scene to another with becoming distracted. This film is an easy, intriguing watch that explores human emotion and relationships in an unconventional yet oddly familiar way.

A strong example of character driven drama.

Fim Review: Pollution of The Heart

An intriguing opening scene that provides with an insight into the characters psyche and mindset. It also gives the audience questions that need answering. Why are these characters here? It isn’t a normal place to go on a date, so why here? A strong opening scene that grabs hold of the audience right from the start.

qrl5bpFrom here on in the film remains strong. An interesting and well developed plot with well executed and strongly written dialogue carry us through the film.

The performances from the actors enhances the experience with characterizations and delivery that is impressive.

There is an interesting focus in minutiae and the nuances within a scene. How the characters move around each other, facial expressions and how props interact within the scene are all the focus of a variety of shots which adds to the melancholia that can be felt at certain points within the film.

This is then intertwined with the exploration of the characters emotions and their reactions to those emotions in a way that provides subtext without giving everything away. A strong skill in terms of film making.

Accomplished editing and set design compliment the over all feel of the film without over shadowing the action and the dialogue. Music is similarly utilized in a subtle way that enhances a scene rather than detracts from it. This results in scenes that are not only strong in terms of plot and construction, but are often beautiful in terms of visuals.

A strong and impressive example of film making.

Film Review: 14 Days

Film Review: Between Words

Children love a fantasy story. Harry Potter. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. But imagine of those characters came to life and instead there being monsters hiding under your bed, there was a whole world of magic and fantasy? This is what Between Worlds brings us.

poster_v1Between Worlds is a wonderful mix of childish fantasy and reality that provides some imaginative escapism for children and adults alike. The film focuses on a young girl who has grown bored with the bedtime stories her mother tells her. Instead she waits for the creatures from under the bed to come and whisk her away to another fantasy. That is, until she brings them into her world instead of the other way around.

Between Worlds is a wonderful example of turning a beloved genre upside down and exploring it in a new and original way. By bringing the story into this world, the crew were able to focus more time and energy on coming up with the beautiful and excellently executed fantasy costumes which bring the whimsy into the story.

The editing and production quality is strong with excellent sound and camera work. The story, whilst being simple in its construction, is well written. The characters are dynamic and well performed with good solid dialogue. The interactions between the characters are well directed with all of the performances being of a good quality.

Between Worlds is a delightful play on a much used genre. It steers clear of clichés and trite banalities to provide an original and enjoyable story full of magic and whimsy that is a pleasure to behold. A charming story that suits both adults and children alike. Well executed and well performed, the film demonstrates how to bring something new to a popular genre.