Fim Review: Pollution of The Heart

An intriguing opening scene that provides with an insight into the characters psyche and mindset. It also gives the audience questions that need answering. Why are these characters here? It isn’t a normal place to go on a date, so why here? A strong opening scene that grabs hold of the audience right from the start.

qrl5bpFrom here on in the film remains strong. An interesting and well developed plot with well executed and strongly written dialogue carry us through the film.

The performances from the actors enhances the experience with characterizations and delivery that is impressive.

There is an interesting focus in minutiae and the nuances within a scene. How the characters move around each other, facial expressions and how props interact within the scene are all the focus of a variety of shots which adds to the melancholia that can be felt at certain points within the film.

This is then intertwined with the exploration of the characters emotions and their reactions to those emotions in a way that provides subtext without giving everything away. A strong skill in terms of film making.

Accomplished editing and set design compliment the over all feel of the film without over shadowing the action and the dialogue. Music is similarly utilized in a subtle way that enhances a scene rather than detracts from it. This results in scenes that are not only strong in terms of plot and construction, but are often beautiful in terms of visuals.

A strong and impressive example of film making.

Film Review: 14 Days

Film Review: Between Words

Children love a fantasy story. Harry Potter. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. But imagine of those characters came to life and instead there being monsters hiding under your bed, there was a whole world of magic and fantasy? This is what Between Worlds brings us.

poster_v1Between Worlds is a wonderful mix of childish fantasy and reality that provides some imaginative escapism for children and adults alike. The film focuses on a young girl who has grown bored with the bedtime stories her mother tells her. Instead she waits for the creatures from under the bed to come and whisk her away to another fantasy. That is, until she brings them into her world instead of the other way around.

Between Worlds is a wonderful example of turning a beloved genre upside down and exploring it in a new and original way. By bringing the story into this world, the crew were able to focus more time and energy on coming up with the beautiful and excellently executed fantasy costumes which bring the whimsy into the story.

The editing and production quality is strong with excellent sound and camera work. The story, whilst being simple in its construction, is well written. The characters are dynamic and well performed with good solid dialogue. The interactions between the characters are well directed with all of the performances being of a good quality.

Between Worlds is a delightful play on a much used genre. It steers clear of clichés and trite banalities to provide an original and enjoyable story full of magic and whimsy that is a pleasure to behold. A charming story that suits both adults and children alike. Well executed and well performed, the film demonstrates how to bring something new to a popular genre.

Film Review: 93 Notout

93 Not Out is an inspirational film that feel as much like a short film as it does a documentary and vice versa. At 93 years old, our male lead is by no means out. As we learn he has lead a full life and is not about to stop just because he is a bit older than he used to be. He has one desire. To ride a bicycle again before he dies. Easier said than done.

a4This adorable film has a huge heart at its centre. Its minimal production only adds to its utter charm. It feels unpolished, like a documentary which works in its favour as it promotes the idea that this is a real, actual person. It helps the audience to bond with the character and invest in his story.

Despite being focused around an elderly man who is facing death, this film has an undoubtable light hearted feel. It almost skips across the screen to its own happy beat. The lead character is dynamic and one that is easily attached to. His determination and drive to live his life to the full are heart-warming and inspirational.

The whole film comes together with a pleasant and chirpy synergy. Everything works together like a well-oiled machine to promote a consistent and flowing narrative. The dialogue feels natural and well written, yet it is the imagery and the music that provides the atmosphere within this film. The upbeat tones of the cultural music promote a positive feel as if the film itself is smiling at itself.

The film is well edited, and with use of flashbacks which are used sparingly we get an idea of the main character’s past without too much exposition. We understand his motivations and why he wants to achieve his goal.
93 Not Out is a delightful film that provides inspiration from start to finish.

Film Review: Caposhi Pop

Caposhi Pop is a fun crime comedy thriller that emulates aspects of Tarantino and many other genre crime/gangster films. The film opens in a diner and remains there for the rest of the film. The single location film focuses on the criminal protagonists as they hold up the diner.

caposhi_pop_poster_06Caposhi Pop is almost nior-ish in its execution. Whilst the visuals do look effective the film focuses more on the characters’ interaction and the dialogue which, whilst it is profanity driven, is entertaining.

Interestingly the audience are out into the place of one of the characters through first person shooting, a little like the British TV show Peep Show. This helps to bring the audience into the story and get invested within the narrative.

This film focuses on the criminals rather than the victims, and in actual fact we barely see the victims, instead focusing on that time between the robbery and the police showing up. What do criminals do in that time? This is what Caposhi Pop explores. Much like another short film Time To Kill, which focuses on what a hitman does whilst waiting for his mark, this film focuses on what robbers do whilst waiting for the police to commence negotiations. What this does effectively is give some humanity and personality to characters ordinarily can be very one sided.

The story is almost in real time and is well constructed to keep the pace. The background music of police sirens helps keep up the tension. The performances are well executed and provide both comedy and tension through their performances. The film is well edited with an interesting use of animation for the main titles and the odd advert or special effect thrown in during the film for switching from one scene to another, this can be beneficial when using a single location to avoid poor cuts.

Caposhi Pop is a fun film with an unexpected twist at the end.

Film Review: Flame

Flame is a wonderful short film that explores both sacrifice and self-sacrifice for the greater good. In under three minutes the film manages to portray a story that could easily fill the running time for a feature film. And it does it well.

flame_poster02From the opening scene the breath-taking imagery strike an impression on the audience. The animation within the film is absolutely stunning with contrasting colours and delicate Asian inspired artistry. The action scenes are dramatic and just as beautiful in their construction.

The lack of dialogue in the film takes nothing from the story. The attention to detail in the animation of the characters breathes life into them without the need for dialogue and a cleverly written story propels itself forward. Emotion is clear on the faces of the characters, despite their pixelated origins. The story utilises the automatic connection audiences have with child characters and uses the emotion of that child to draw the audience into the story. This is then passed on to the mother so that the audience continue to invest in the characters.

Flame is clever written for such a short piece of film, and the extent to which the directorial and production team have paid attention to detail and quality is impressive. The story doesn’t feel rushed or under developed and they animation is seamless and sophisticated with a story that is both touching and dramatic.

As an audience member I would be intrigued to see what the team could produce if this was extended to a longer length, if this is what they can produce in under four minutes it should be something to behold.

Fire is an excellent example of what can be done with a minimal time scale and no dialogue.

Film Review: Imaginary Novels – Volume 1

Imaginary Novels beings with a quote from Stephen King over a beautiful background made up of a montage of books. This imagery foreshadows what is to come well, as this short film is a montage of short image narratives based on famous novels. A uniquely beautiful interpretation of some of the most well-known stories in the world.

gifford_imaginarynovelsmovieposter3-2-7mb-september2016fbImaginary Novels offers beautiful, often ethereal imagery as a visual representation of a famous book. A number of these are linked together within this film. Not only do these short narratives provide stunning imagery to match the novel but they also provide musical overtones that provide an atmosphere that compliments the images. The overall effect is one of actually jumping into the book itself.

Each segment is cleverly edited together using the spine and title of the book which gives the voer all feeling of one film, rather than a number of shorter films thrown together. There is a continuity that transverses the entire film despite being split into a number of different stories.

There are no words, aside from on screen text snippets from each novel used. This focuses the audience onto the visuals that are the epicentre of this piece. It is these imaginative visuals that draw the audience in and provide a unique interpretation of each book. Despite the visuals not actually telling a story, the way they have been presented results in an image that sums up the books heart and pulls the audience in.

Imaginary Novels is uniquely beautiful in its presentation and construction providing something that is almost hypnotic in its visual dexterity. A stunning piece of film that brings together a variety of techniques to provide a piece of film that is a pleasure to watch for any book lover, providing a new take on a number of favourites.