Rooftops Of My City

What an incredible accomplishment in a film that is so simple and understated. I say this a lot in these reviews, but often the films that make the biggest impact are those that are the most unassuming. Those films that focus purely on the point they are trying to make rather than impactful visuals or over zealous FX are the ones that hit to the emotions of the audience.

Rooftops does this superbly, offering (almost) a single location and (almost) a single shot it focuses on the two main characters in a town they don’t originate from both trying to work out who and what they are in a world obsessed with labels. The film looks at identity and how we see ourselves. Is it based on where we are from? Our genes? Or how we feel at a particular time in our lives? Do we have to have a label or can we not just be us? Again, these topics are dealt with in a particularly straight forward way but one that is equally well developed and thought through.

The production value is strong, with beautiful continuous shots mixed in with close ups. Whilst the film is set in one/two spots on a roof, the direction is such that the characters placements add different textures and dynamics to the scene.

A wonderfully produced and directed short film with a well thought out script. Not overstated or in your face yet thoroughly engaging.