September 2016

Best Film
My Last Concert, by Selcuk Cara, GERMANY
Dryad, by Thomas Vernay, FRANCE
Orhan, by Gunalp Kocak, UNITED KINGDOM
The I in Me, by Ilia ten Bohmer, NETHERLANDS

Best Director
Burn in Hell, by Jarno Lee Vinsencius, SWEDEN
The Postman, by Francis Lau, SINGAPORE
Copycat, by Fabian Munsterhjelm, FINLAND
Mos, by Scott Brown, CANADA
A Ride Home, by Sivaraj Pragasm, SINGAPORE

Best Screenplay
Red Snow, by Mershiha Husagic, GERMANY
Quartet, by Helena Sardinha, BRAZIL
I don’t Want to Say Anything, But, by Marilina Alvarez, ARGENTINA
Onyros, by Cristian Tomassini, ITALY
Sisters, by Guillaume Comtois, CANADA

Best Editing / Photography
Crocodile Boy, by Ruben Gloria, UNITED STATES
Reflection, by Andry Verga, ITALY
Strangers In the Night, by Isabelle White, AUSTRALIA
Silver Planet, by Chris Hunt, UNITED STATES
Whistle In the Dark, by Aino Suni, FINLAND

Best Sound / Music
Raw Almonds, by Pedro Vadeolmillos, SPAIN
Pollution of the Heart, by Oliwia Siem, UNITED KINGDOM
One Night Love, by Wiebe van den Ende, NETHERLANDS
Heydays Vintage TV, by JC Diaz & Nico Belha, UNITED STATES
Brave Naked, by Aldo Gagliardi, UNITED KINGDOM

Best Documentary
Humus, by Oren Rosenfeld, ISRAEL
The Moving Theater, by Ben Mallaby, Pia Jones & Eugene Hughes, UNITED KINGDOM
Waiting, by Cristian Piazza, UNITED STATES
Hanna is Beautiful, by Shira Meishar, ISRAEL
Mother Tongue, by Nadim Iqbal, CANADA
The Road to Nickelsvilleby Derek McNeill, UNITED STATES

Best Animation
Shell,  by Daniel AhrensGERMANY
Peak Phosphorus, Michael Mehring, SWITZERLAND
Deserted, by Anna Anakhasyan, UNITED STATES
Flow, by Meltem Sahin, TURKEY
Cut to Bliss: Force of Fashion, by Mori Wu, UNITED STATES

Best Experimental
Shell,  by Daniel AhrensGERMANY
Back Track, by Virgil Widrich, AUSTRIA
Variations, by Dennis H. Miller, UNITED STATES
A Love Story, by Anushka Naanayakkara, UNITED KINGDOM
Corona-Birth of an Old Man (After Hemingway), by James Anthony Cook, UNITED STATES
The Last Mermaid, by Matthieu Reynaert, BELGIUM