September 2017

Best Film
48, by Vladimir Mitrevski, MACEDONIA
Mystes, by Anna Beckmann, UNITED KINGDOM
The Afhgan Girl, by Iben Ravb, DENMARK

Best Director
About Taste of Cherry, by Ulas Bicak, TURKEY
Kill The Engine, by Derek Frey, UNITED STATES
Delia Derbyshire, by Caroline Catz, UNITED KINGDOM

Best Screenplay 
Divided We Fall, by Slavica Bogdanov, UNITED STATES
Down Time, by Jeff Taver, FRANCE
Late Fall, by Matt Cerwen, AUSTRALIA

Best Cinematography 
Rendez-vous, by Jimmy Boutry & Thibaud Chaufourier, CANADA
Fifo, by Sacha Ferbus & Jeremy Puffet, BELGIUM
The Gift of Diana, by Martin Matevosyan, ARMENIA

Best Sound / Music
Inland Freaks, by Kalainithan Kalaichelvan, CANADA
Nailman, by Jack Martin, UNITED KINGDOM
Akide, by Hande Türkel, TURKEY

Best Documentary
Grolier Poetry Book Shop, by Weiying Huang & Mengyuan Lin, UNITED STATES
The Road Not Taken, by Aditi Kodesia, INDIA
Wild,  by Volkan Budak, TURKEY

Best Animation
Claytons Last Breath, by Simon Reinhardt, DENMARK
Seen Again, by Peter Murphey, UNITED STATES

Best Web Series
The Man for Your Sins, by Joachim Jung, GERMANY
Diwal’oween, by Shilpa Mankikar, UNITED STATES

Best Experimental
Birdnest Hair, by Matthew Hsu & Ashleigh Djokic, AUSTRALIA
Retina, by Justin Heyl, NETHERLANDS