Sheep of a Bitch

Money drives most of us, in one way or another, right? Without it we are unable to live or support those that we love. We cannot pay for the roof over our heads or the food we eat. We cannot clothe ourselves or do the things we enjoy. However, when we don’t have it or when we mismanage it, money can drive us to desperate measures. Debt, stress, anger, depression. Money can make us act out in ways we never thought possible.

In this short film this notion is pushed to it’s limit. When backed into a financial corner how for will we go? When there is a debt looming over us, one that threatens to cripple us, how far will we push ourselves when an opportunity to earn money is placed in front of us? Money pushes us to do the depraved and the unthinkable. Especially once it starts rolling in, it’s like an addiction and once you start, there is no telling where it will lead.

Here we see a short film that delves to these depths. The film utilises an impressive imagination to conjure up scenarios that make you squirm, make you vomit and make you gasp. It unravels the psyche to expose our greed and our consumerist need to own and to have, but it also shows our desperation to survive and to succeed.

Do we all have our limits? And are the above or below what we expected? This film is a strong example of exploring those limits and our own mental strength. A strong storyline that shows some originality, alongside an eerie and tense score helps to give this film its underground, grimy atmosphere that really works with he films themes.

An interesting watch, and an intriguing dive into the human mind.