Soft Sun

There is something about making a film without dialogue that makes the feat of producing a clear and coherent film all the more impressive. Whilst many directors and producers use this trope as a form of self flagellation and a way to show off their artistry, usually unsuccessfully, every now and then a film comes along where the silence is part of the narrative, a natural part of the film that emphasises story rather than the directors chops.

Soft Sun is one of those films. There is no need for dialogue here as everything is dealt with by metaphor and subtext. The vastness of the rugged terrain that surrounds them and their actions and facial expressions are all that are needed to portray the drama and emotion within this story, and there is emotion and tension in bucket loads.

The soundtrack also Aidan in setting the tone and atmosphere of the scene and is used skilfully to give each scene the gravitas and atmosphere that it needs. Often in films without dialogue, music is what drives the scenes in terms of auditory stimulation, and that makes the choice of music much more important. In the film it is done impeccably.

Soft Sun is a great example of dialogue free filming that utilises setting, strong physical acting and music to create atmosphere, tension and emotion.