Taste Of Night

There is really only one word that can describe this film, and that is beautiful. From the setting to the costume to the people in the costumes. Everything is stunning. I have spoken many times before about the use of dialogue free short films, and how much harder it is to hold an audience when there is no dialogue for them to interact with. Here we see. Film that is so seductive in its visuals that I honestly. Relieve dialogue would have ruined it.

The narrative needs no words to pull it along. It’s subtleties and subtext only add it it’s unwaivering allure, from the somewhat obvious story of meeting someone, liking them and then it all going wrong to the deeper underlying subtleties of relationships and their undulations and complications. It really is a phenomanal piece of story telling accomplished to a high standard.

This cannot be achieved without excellent actors, and in this case dancers, to portray the emotion within a scene. I think the dance element is used very cleverly here because both the movements and the music of dance are very emotionally driven and this emphasises the emotion within the scenes and interactions in a way man other dialogue free films don’t.

The cinematography, editing, lighting, costume, make up, hair, set design are all exquisite and befitting of a much bigger film, kudos to the entire team for that accomplishment. It really is admirable.

What really got me was the twist at the end. I did not see that coming at all and it threw me intitially, but then as I thought about it it makes sense and provides a satisfying ending to the film.

Beautiful, glorious visual story telling at its finest. Just brilliant.