The Crow’s Head

The Crow’s Head is something completely unique and original. That’s the first thing I can say about it. In it’s short running time it provides the audience with something all leave them thinking and trying to work it out, which is always a bonus. If you leave an audience thinking that means the film stays with them, they talk about it. It isn’t forgettable.

The film itself is simple in terms of production but deals with a complicated and internal themes which make this film so intriguing. It’s a film that appears to have no clear story or theme, but leaves it open for the audience to interpret and take from it what they choose, which is often one of the most rewarding parts of watching a film. It gets you thinking and talking.

The production quality is strong. The sets and cast are extremely minimal which works well for this project but what really sets it apart is the animation and artwork that is present on the wall. Although it isn’t used much, it is very well done and adds something different to the film.

Performances, although minimal, are admirable. In particular the lead female performs her role well with no dialogue and nobody to react against. Even with the man in a gorilla suit, which could quite easily have turned the film into farce, actually felt true to the narrative and to the film as a whole and I didn’t find myself questioning it.

Overall The Crow’s Head is an intriguing and thought provoking piece of film that will leave and viewers asking questions for days afterwards.