The Grimoire Chapters: Rem

Michael Davis’ The Grimoire Chapters is a captivating horror web series full of passion, professionalism and visionary creativeness. In The Grimoire Chapters season 3 episode 5 “Here Comes the Boogeyman” the writer-director Davis creates a unique storyline, which is carried forward by familiar but fresh tropes of the genre that the author utilizes creatively and vigorously. He combines various familiar motifs from the genre with engrossing visuals and thus creates a disoriented and coherent film universe that builds up into an intense cinematic experience. Further, the alluringly odd mixture of supernatural, satanic, ritualistic, core, and horrorish suspense elements establish a creepy atmosphere that keeps you on the edge of the seat from the beginning to the end. And after that, it gives you painfully urgent thirst for more.

But how exactly The Grimoire Chapters’ one episode achieves its effects? First, there is so much to look and think about. All the levels of this unique world, which seems rather familiar but also disoriented at the same time, are full of details and noteworthy cinematic achievements. Whereas other today’s successful genre bending indie horrors seem to go to the direction of (conceptual) minimalism – “It Follows”, “Get Out” and “A Quiet Place” to name a few – The Grimoire Chapters is packed with awesome ideas, great characters, diverse visuals, various stylistic choices, and versatile effects. Although, this might sound that the episode 5 “Here Comes the Boogeyman” is a mixed bag ready to explode, it is actually far from it.

Michael Davis uses such combination of mixing form and surprising storytelling to create a creeping atmosphere, which brings the seemingly scattered elements together under the same horrorish and creepy roof. This effect and the unique atmosphere are amplified with equally diverse and participating cinematography by Michael Davis that surprises with its composition and use of distinctive color grading – as a side note, you should check the credits and be impressed by the extensive talent that Michael Davis has in The Grimoire Chapters, just amazing! The score, which feels both fresh and occasionally worn-out for sounding way too familiar, supports the eerie atmosphere and hectic storytelling. Editing, which is also done by Davis, adds up to the variability in rhythm and style. Further, the production design, which is rich in details that fit the general tone perfectly, work beautifully together with other elements in order to establish the gripping atmosphere, which relies also on the creative lightning design that understands the elements of horror and knows how to create tension for the web series episode.

Although the authors talent is in display from the beginning to the credits, the actors make their characters fit into this strange world perfectly. They work with occasionally lame and occasionally surprisingly fresh dialogue with determination and skill, providing intensity to the scenes. Therefore, as a low budged web series episode The Grimoire Chapters: Rem’s episode Here Comes The Boogeyman is quite an achievements, as it succeeds in creating a gripping atmosphere, intense story and a need to binge watch the hell out of this anthology horror web series that began in 2014 and has reached its third season already.