The Pleasure of The Glove

Pleasure. Fantasy. Breaking boundaries. This film looks at them all in away that is unique and intriguing. The film borders on the ridiculous yet it’s pacing and construction give it a feel of something deeper. Something with more meaning than simply what is offered on the surface.

The film effectively uses something fairly ludicrous, a single black glove, to explore a concept that is complex and intricate. That of human fantasy and desire. Yet, despite this seemingly silly packaging the actual production is well articulated and well delivered.

This is enhanced by the fact that there is no dialogue within the film. It is pushed forwards via actions and atmosphere and tone developed via music and sound, as well as the obvious visuals. The team have effectively produced a film that is seductive and tense without using any words whatsoever, which is no mean feat.

The lead actor has an ability to give a performance that is hinged upon facial expressions and body language, and still produce a performance that is admirable and layered. This is aided by excellent direction and production quality.

Overall this film offers an intriguing insight into the human psyche with a strong lead performance and excellent standards of production.