Simple cinema is often the most effective. Films like Tangerine and Moonlight have recently caused ripples in mainstream cinema yet on the surface they are simple. Minimal locations, minimal cast and in the case of Tangerine filmed on an iPhone. Yet these films often come with an intimacy and an emotional honesty that films with the bigger budgets, sets and casts often don’t.

This is what we are provided with here. This short film deals with an in dibley emotionally frought topic that needs that honesty in order for it to be portrayed eloquently and to do it justice. This films succeeds admirably in that quest.

The single setting and minimal cast means that it’s easy for the audience to invest quickly in the story and characters as they learn about them almost instantly. The drama that is already unfolding as we enter the film draws us in and keeps us there as we discover what has drawn these characters to the situation they are in.

Despite the films simplistic origins the production quality is excellent and there is nothing within it that distracts from the action. The script is well written without using cliches or tropes to get its point across and keeps enough mystery to one side so the audience stays involved.

The lead actors portray the emotion of the film well and with honesty. Both characters are easy to relate to and to empathise with, which is part of the charm of the film. Nothing about the performances feels fake or contrite.

Overall a well produced and executed short film that uses simple techniques to deliver a powerful short film.