Vinaa (Question)

There are many potential ways to create a piece of film that will be relevant to people. One of these ways is the product of a strong personality that will attract the right team of expert people, compromise towards the vision and the tenacity needed to overcome the harshest moments of, in this case, the long and hard adventure that is filmmaking. This specific film has not come short of any of these traits that so many others before have lacked. This can bring failure very quickly, and only a very determined creator can see the finished work through the battle that is producing it, before the final cut.

That is why the value of this short is so big. A work of fiction that regular spectators actually want to see is almost always backed by huge wallets and big name producers without much useful content to communicate, but a piece like Vinaa, created from the heart, is definitely a win against big powerful companies. Nothing says ‘effort’ like the rough audio tracks and harsh lighting, cutting through the faces of the actors with the strength of a small star. Nothing says ‘determination’ like a determined group of friends getting together to produce a real flesh and blood piece of artistic interest, developed in their heads and in their hearts. Teamwork is what this industry needs – unending friendship and company, together with strength of heart.

However, a truly great piece often starts with a very well thought and planned script, and even if the hopes for an awesome film are big, it will be noticeable. Double checking facts, storyboarding, absorbing the work of the great artists of the genre will make a huge difference. Mere hours of light work and research on writing can elevate a regular script to levels one wouldn’t imagine. Because stories are not only meant to entertain or produce emotions, they also have the potential to teach many useful things to people of any age all over the world. This is why a more solid screenplay, with many of the elements Vinaa included in the story, can be more to an audience eager of surprises and knowledge than a regular short of the ‘photographs-of-people-talking’ kind.

Classic actor to actor chemistry is very noticeable and strong, producing a visible thread of friendship and trust that not even professional actors have sometimes. The actor direction, then, was probably easy, since the companionship of everyone involved in that side of the camera is palpable and gave very good results. The budget of 0 American Dollars is a very impressive feat achieved only by those with the most responsible and loyal collaborators, with the most amazing and supportive friends.

The life of a creator is not easy and they will experience many joyful ups and vicious downs. This has broken many filmmakers and their potential masterpieces, but as long as the Vinaa team stays together and focused on the goals, the path ahead can only bring pleasant and interesting things.