Waste Dreams

Climate change and waste disposal are hot topics right now, especially given the presidents unique viewpoint on them. Recycling is a huge part of that and what this film brings forward is the fact that this is not just a Western issue. Rcycling is a global issue and something everyone should be made aware of, and actually, do none Western countries do more about it?

In South America we see that small communities are doing their bit to help recycle and protect our planet by reusing waste as building materials. This is a truly unique and inspirational way of dealing with excess waste. By using it to build things for the community they are providing safe spaces but also providing community projects to bring people together.

Plastic bottle are used to house waste wrappers which are then used essentially as bricks to build a variety of buildings. The documentary brings forward a topic that many would have no idea about, and one that many more communities could and should embrace the world over.

The creator and presenter is obviously passionate about this topic and that comes across well in the film, but not only is she passionate, she is also unbiased and she gains perspectives from a variety of people, not just those that are pro the project. This provides the audience with a well rounded and informed documentary.

The use of children works well as it highlights them portable of starting education very young and shows that children will embrace these ideas if shown them.

The documentary is well paced using a variety of sourcing but not staying on any one of them so long it becomes tedious. Using a variety of shots also helps mix up the pace of the film to reduce boredom. A well executed documentary that offers an interesting insight into a project many of us should have more knowledge of.